A Little About Us...

Moms & More is a West Hartford-based parent organization designed to meet the needs of parents and children of West Hartford and the surrounding communities. Our mission is to bring a small town atmosphere into a large city. Moms & More began in 2001 by Leslie Gorman. She formed the group as a way to help both working and stay at home moms. Working parents would benefit from the event information, night activities and meetings, and stay-at-home parents would benefit from the daily events for parents and children

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Our Groups


Playgroups are a great way for you and your children to make new friends!  Moms and More has many playgroups currently going on.

Moms Night Out

Each quarter, we have 1-2 Moms Nights Out to give our members a much needed and well-deserved break!


TLC provides dinners to members and their families after the birth of a new baby or during a family/personal crisis.

Children's Events

Each quarter we plan dozens of events that appeal to mothers, fathers, caregivers and children of all ages!

Book Clubs

Moms and More has several book clubs that meet regularly and we are always looking to start new groups.


Periodically, Moms & More selects various ways of providing family/community services.